Response 3

In regards to the experiment, I have found that the development of creating an online community is valuable in a sense that it becomes an open forum, accessible for a large margin people people from varying backgrounds.  The opportunity to discuss information, opinions and events are one of the hallmarks of the internet.  I have found that, employed as a tool for discussion of various matters it has become profoundly useful.  Yet the quality of information the free flow of ideas from questionable sources makes for the generation of misguided information as well. Credibility of answers becomes the biggest concern of many people who value information given from forum websites.  However this usually is solved from the community giving their varying views and deciphering the continuities that exist amongst comments.  Another issue which comes to my mind however that can be troubling is when this information which is conceived as a person-to-person message becomes exploited by consumer capitalistic practices.  Companies tend to become predators for the inquiries of online users by exploiting their need for general opinions and marketing products or services.  Thus while the validity of comments generated can be practical, the open forum nature of the Internet causes a user’s genuine identity to be questioned.  It is certainly up to the strength of the community to regulate these intruders of forums.

Here is my forum post:

In regards to the reading I have found that the discussion of relationships fostered by the Internet is interesting.  The ability to create a meaningful connection with someone using an indirect mode of contact such as an online “Cybercity”, in is conception encourages a lot of people to speak to one another when otherwise incapable of communicating.  I also found when the article mentions, “It also seems clear that after the initial stages of  friendships have been negotiated online, they are often treated much the same as any other friendship” important to note because it seems to parallel the physical interaction of people with the online mode of socialization.  I believe that the Cybercity construction is in a lot of ways far more efficient in the promotion of communication across vast networks of people, yet the definition still remains of what a “pure friendship” truly is.  A “pure friendship” in a physical sense, should not ever be considered the same as one conceived online.  One conceived online is still to a large degree artifice, and does not constitute a face-to-face interaction, to believe that a relationship built in a Cybercity would translate identically in the real world would be naive.  The terms and conditions in which one meets some online is vastly different than the intricacies and justifications of meeting someone in person.  Where the anonymity of Cybercity and the consequences of interaction online are usually not apparent, they are in the real world.  Thus although the construction of both interactions has been deemed parallel, they are two separate modes of communication that, while have the potential permute between one another, still contrast in practice.


One Response to “Response 3”

  1. Eric Kim Says:

    Hey Jason,

    Credibility is definitely an issue when it comes to the internet. Anybody can post whatever they want, so it is difficult to find “the truth” out in the huge domain of the world wide web. I wonder if the internet is also “dumbing down” communication which is apparent through the transition from blogging to microblogging as well as the inability for people to spell correctly.

    Also great job participating in the discussion during class. You really got people thinking.

    Lets shoot sometime,

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