Response 4

In response to the reading I believe that the comparison between the social impact of the television and the Intern is valid.  In relationship to internet addiction it does pose an interesting question as to what we are perceiving as necessary, or essential information.  The idea that one should change how they watch television is applicable to the way which one utilizes how they use the Internet is an important position to adopt.  Yet the Internet is much more dynamic than one perceives simply because of its ability for users to generate content as well as its significant impact on our economy.  These factors make the Internet a far more dynamic platform that makes breaking interaction, or even, changing our interaction with it complicated.  As we are increasingly dependent on the Internet for reasons beyond pleasure, it has developed into a necessary mechanism for our subsistence.

In response to the experiment.  Not using the Internet for 24 hours was a refreshing experience.  I have done similar exercises before.  The idea of a detox away from the Internet, I believe is necessary for contemporary life because it is very much an abstract lens that we are perceiving the world.  Its overuse at the times limits us in multiple ways, especially from our ability to maintain physical productive practices.  True, the internet has improved the quality of life for many people.  But because the Internet is largely free, unmonitored and presents few consequences of overuse makes it appear almost as a dystopia in which we can embrace our wildest exploits and fetishes.  This analogous world is fascinating for its ability to allow users to indulge in vice in as a non-physical entity, variably private way; often, this chiefly may be the reason why those of us find the Internet so addictive.


One Response to “Response 4”

  1. Eric Kim Says:


    Your style of writing is addictive to read. I whole-heartedly enjoy the content that you put into your work.

    The internet, although similar to the television, is indeed different in the sense how it is dynamic (as you stated). With Web 2.0, we are able to become participants in our entertainment (think online gaming). However regardless of what we use the internet for, modern society strongly depends on it.

    I also like your idea of referring to fasting from the internet as a “detox.” Although I have objections against those detoxes with lemons and syrup and water or whatever the hell they use, detoxing from the internet does indeed clear us out pretty well.

    Keep rocking,

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