Response 8

In response to the experiment:

I browsed through the dating website and found it actually rather well organized despite the fact that I had the preconceived notion that the site would be in more of a disarray.  The designer of the website truly knows how to make an assuring atmosphere for the user so that they would be comfortable in the browsing process.  I went as far as to attempt to complete my profile, where I was greeted with a message that my profile would be submitted for approval.  This kind of transaction does breed a bit of legitimacy with the website, although I am still skeptical about their success rates.

In response to the article:

I found that the reading was very interesting.  The analysis of the socio-economic access of the Internet in relationship with the likelihood of online dating websites also was a profound insight.  I appreciated that the article spent a long time delving into the progression of online dating over a period of time.  I also found that the methodology in which they investigate the stigmas and cliches of online dating very well executed.  I would have liked however a more thorough discussion about urbanism and online dating reliance as well as a geographical exploration of highly populated cities like Los Angeles and New York.  Furthermore, I have begun to concede that the platform of dating is now moving towards a direction, analogous to say the rise of online shopping, toward a online environment.  This transition I feel is closely related in that there appears to be thresholds in early stages, yet with legitimacy and organizations more people are willing to make use of it.


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